Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I Must Abandon The Goldwater's Oracle

This will mark my last post on The Goldwater's Oracle, and my last post on any blog as "TheGoldwater".

For the last month or so, I have been immersing myself in Ramesh Ponnuru's "The Party of Death". While I have been ardently-- even voraciously -- pro-life for as long as I can remember (at least going back to 14 or so-- that's 21 years), this book has shone a light for me in understanding the larger "life issues" associated with abortion, euthanasia, embryo destruction, the death penalty, and all the issues that surrounded it.

Mr. Ponnuru has done an outstanding job laying out a foundation of reason for the pro-life reason. Not religious, not emotional, not ideological, but a basis of reason grounded in analysis and fact. Where my past position was largely an emotional repulsion to abortion (and euthanasia, embryo destruction, etc.), it now has an intellectual component that was missing before.

This is not the first shift in my position "rightward" on life issues. At one time, I was an ardent supporter of the death penalty. But I came to see that it was incongruous to oppose the state-sanctioned killing of the weak while heartily endorsing the state-enforced killing of the guilty, and so I marked the first shift in my position.

Now, understanding in a rational manner the absolute horror that is America's 20th century genocide, I find it incongruous to post under the nom de plume a name that recalls a conservative who endorsed liberal abortion laws, and whose wife worked long and hard as a member of Planned Parenthood.

You can read me over at Gundpowder Chronicle, whre I will be posting on all the same issues.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Vatican Redux on Killing Jews

In a bit of irony, the Vatican is condemning Israeli actions in Lebanon in defense of its citizens and soldiers.

The Papists in Rome are once again repeating the mistakes of Pope Pius XII, repeating the same mistakes they made in WWII, by letting the Jews be victimized by facists while they sit by in silence.

Shame on you pope Benedict. Shame on Roman Catholicism.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Killing Children Stat #1

As you may know, I am currently reading Ramesh Ponnuru's Party of Death.

On startling statistic that Ponnuru cites: 80 percent of all unborn children "diagnosed" with Downe's syndrome are murdered in utero. 80%!

I say "diagnosed" because Ponnuru also cites the fact that the test is not foolproof... false positives are part of the experience, too.

I have had the opportunity to work with kids before (mostly at Scout camp) who were challenged with Downe's syndrome. What a great experience that was, and I will treasure it always. These Scouts lived everyday in terms of the Scout Oath and Law-- always doing their best (frankly, it was often better than kids no so challenged), always kind, cheerful etc.

I have no doubt that raising a child with Downes can be difficult, painful, and expensive. But I also know that it can be joyful, wonderful, humbling, and inspiring. That so many parents would choose to kill their children in utero is a horrifying fact for me. Simply horrifying.

Children are a gift, not a product. They are not like your high-def TV, that when it shows up with a scratch, you can just send back. We can't look at children born with disabilities - whether it is Downes, or spina-bifid, or a cleft pallet, or anything else -- and judge them entirely by that alone. To do so is to totally remove their very humanity.

Which of course, is the only way the radical left can make procedures like abortion acceptable. "They aren't humans, just cells."

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Fruitland Follies

The Fruitland City council has now passed an ordinance requiring sprinkler systems in all multi-family duplex structures connected to city water.

Just so everyone doesn't go off the deep end here, it is important to realize that sprinkler systems DO NOT SAVE LIVES. They save PROPERTY. True, a sprinkler system MAY put out a fire that might end up killing a person, but standing under a sprinkler in a fire will not save your butt.

Just something to keep in mind... smoke detectors save lives, sprinkler systems save PROPERTY.

Earth Calling Mayor O'Malley!

Mayor O'Malley, earth is calling. And your neck is politely asking you to remove your head from your ass.

Marty the Mick is proposing that Maryland set up a statewide program to allow residents to import prescription drugs from other countries.

There's just one problem with that, oh great tomcat: jurisdiction over the importation of any product, and especially prescription drugs -- IS THE PURVIEW OF THE UNITED STATES FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.

Unfortunately for you, your father-in-law is not President, or Senator, or anything useful at that level. So, you will have to toe the line in the meantime.

By the way, when you issue some real ideas from your campaign, or are Marylanders now doomed to campaign of blind pandering by both worthless candidates for Governor? You pander to the seasoned citizens, and Ehrlich panders to the left.

Pander here, pander there. Pander a little everywhere.

Hey-- I'm a single, white, computer geek that works from my spacious farmhouse. When will pander to me and import hot looking females who love computer geeks, peel grapes, and do windows?

News From The Shore!

Our secret operatives on trawlers, skipjacks, and barges that occupy the rivers and creeks of Transchoptankia have informed us that no lesser business than Hooters is prepared to endorse Salisbury Mayor Barrie "Headlights" Tilghman for re-election.

"After seeing Barrie in public at the last few City Council Meetings, we feel she is the perfect candidate for a Hooters endorsement," said I. M. Owl, president of the risque chain known for its great food and excellent service. "She is constantly outfront and unabashed, and our support for her is unequivocal."

Stay tuned for more news as it develops.

Voting Rights Scam Thanks to Left and Snarlin' Arlen

Jim Boulet over at National Review Online has a great article on the great sham that will be foisted on Americans if Congress reauthorizes the Voting Rights Act.

If you thought voting fraud was just something for third world countries, you ain't see nothing yet.

Is W Drinking Again?

The United States of America has just decided to recognize those goat humping camel jockey terrorists as combatants under Section 3 of the Geneva Convention.

Karl Rove spoke to "La Raza" (which means "The Race"), an Hispanic version of the Klan.

Honoring a Kennedy.

Does he really think that this endears his base to him?

The Enquirer is either right -- Laura HAS left the White House, or he is drinking again, or he is smoking some fantastic weed in the West Wing.

Friday, July 07, 2006

2 More Die in Service to Mankind

Two more idiots served mankind yesterday by permanently removing their DNA from the gene pool by trying to swim at Prettyboy Reservoir.

For those of you not familiar with Prettyboy (allegedly named for a horse), it is a very deep, very very cold resevoir in Northwestern Baltimore County that serves two purposes: a backup for Loch Raven (near Towson) and to keep the Gunpowder temperature at the right level for Brown Trout.

Prettyboy's water is unnaturally cold-- some say that it usually only takes minutes for even good swimmers to become immobilized due to the temperature drop just a foot or so below the service. It is not spring fed-- therefore, it doesn't benefit from that nice 57 degree regulation that spring-fed lakes benefit from.

But, no matter how signs they put up that say "Hey, dumbass, no swimming", there is always a moron willing to serve humanity by diminishing the amount of mongoloid DNA in the national gene pool.

So, thanks too you two nameless morons for your service to the country. The bill for the five hour search to recover your bodies will be sent to your families.

One Year Since London

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of the cowardly terrorist attacks in London, when a group of camel-jockeys brought the War on Terror to the very heart of the mother country.

Unfortunately, the Brits seem to be going wobbly on the WOT, not willing to upset their sizable Muslim population. This is what happens when multicultural nutjobs run the country, and a nation loses its essence.

There once was a time when the policy of the empire was "Make the world Britain." Now, the policy seems to be "Make Britain the world." Hopefully, the Brits will rediscover a little Churchillism and forget the Blairism before their national anthem becomes "Allah Save the Queen".

The Generals' Revolt

Jed Babbin has a great article on the so-called Generals' Revolt. There is a little too much comfy Clintonianism to it...

The fact that Richard Holbrooke-- architect of the failure that was the Dayton Accords (you remember, the settlement that was supposed to put an end to Serbian genocide) that were ultimately not exercised by the warring parties, but enforced by the 101st Division (Airmobile) and their brothers and sisters in the 82nd Airborne Division-- is involved, makes the whole deal suspect.

Howard Dean: Traditional Marriage is bigoted

There is no better way to win friends and influence people than to call them bigots.

But Howard Dean-- who is desparately in need of money and friends as Chairman of the Democrat National Committee -- managed to do that in responding to the NY court decision on gay marriage.


Reports and leaks are starting to filter out that the 'target' for Kim Young Girl's Taepodong-2 missile were the waters off Hawaii.

Scratch my previous recommendations on dealing with the NoKoComs.

New plan: move the 509th Strategic Bomber Wing (you know, the one with the B-2s) from Whitman AFB Missouri to Guam.

Move the Lincoln and Roosevelt battle groups into the Sea of Japan.

The carrier wings can fly Ironhand missions while the B-2s sneak in and pulverize the launch sites.

To hell with the ChiComs and the NoKoComs. If China wants to continue to pussy foot about their little bitch state (client state is too nice a term), they have two choices: let us bomb the living shit out of them, or watch their largest consumer market evaporate.


Thursday, July 06, 2006

Dealing With the NoKoComs

I have said this before, and I will say it again... the path to successfully resolving the issues with the NoKoComs goes through Beijing. The NoKoComs are almost 100% reliant on the ChiComs for their existence. The only two things that keep Beijing from stepping in themselves are a) what to do with all the refugees and b) that whole Asian face thing.

So, I think we need to put the ChiCom gonads in the vise and start squeezing. Here's how:

1) Announce that that United States will support any decision by the Japanese people to develop and effective nuclear deterrent against aggressive roque states in the Northwest Pacific. The last thing China wants is a nuclear Japan-- this would send shivers down their spine.

2) Thirty days later, announce that the United States is withdrawing all US forces from the Republic of Korea and redeploying them to Guam, Hawaii, and the Marianas. This will force the South Korean president to stop playing footsie with Kim Il Dong and tighten the noose around the boy dictator.

3) Thirty days after #2, announce that the United States regards the creation of counterfeit currency by a foreign power to be an act of war, and as such, considers North Korean diplomats at the UN to be belligerents. They will therefore be seized and held as non-combatant belligerents under the Geneva Convention until such time as the North Korean regime is changed or moved -- our *NEW* conditions for a permanent peace accord for the Korean Peninsula.

4) Thirty days after #3 (we are now on day 90), we announce that until the missile and nuclear issues are resolved in North Korea-- ie, there is severe regime change -- the United States will no longer pussyfoot around with China. All imports of videogames, video game accessories, clothing, and power tools that are manufactured in China or Hong Kong will be suspended. All parts that are manufacturd in China or Hong Kong for assembly elsewhere will be suspended. *All* shipping containers originating from China and Hong Kong or carrying products originating in China and Hong Kon will require "complete inspection"-- opening them, checking each box against the manifest, and repacking.

5) Thirty days after #4 (now day 120), we begin regular overflights of NoKoCom airpsace. Should any NoKoCom interceptors rise to meet our planes, we impose an immediate quarantine on the NoKoCom shoreline.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Nimrods Leave Kids in Hot Cars

From the Washington Times' site, apparently, there are still parents who keep forgetting that their kids are in the backseat and leave them in the car on really hot days.

Can these parents even wipe their bum after their morning constitutional? How incompetent and downright stupid do you have to be?

I am not sure what the solution is: as a conservative, I don't think stripping parents of their parental rights is the right direction to go. After all, can you imagine how much the City of Baltimore would screw that kid up in their foster care system? And I don't support forced sterilization at all, under any circumstances, no matter how tempting it is to remove the offender's DNA from the gene pool is.

But in cases where the child dies or is severely injured, I think we need to create some really stiff penalties for "infanticide". Personally, I think infanticide and child abuse (of any nature) should be a shade below a capital crime. Let Billy Bob Dumbass play prag to Big Bubba at The Cut (that is the Maryland Maximum Security Correctional Facility in Jessup for you folks in El Dorado) for a few years, and I'll bet he NEVER forgets where his kid is again.

Colorado Conservatives Celebrate Freedom

Colorado Conservatives gathered this weekend at their annual Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms gathering to protest "nanny state" laws and "mommy state" gubmint.

The best quote: "If we treated homosexuals the way we treat smokers, people would riot in the streets." Amen, brother. And I say that as an avid cigar smoker.

Read more.

President Fellatio Had His Eye on Something Else, and it wasn't the Ball

President Fellatio (that is William Jefferson Blythe Clinton, for those of you from down Dundalk way) Had His Eye on Something Else, and it wasn't the Ball .

So says former FBI Director Louis J. Freeh...