Sunday, June 25, 2006

Nimrods Leave Kids in Hot Cars

From the Washington Times' site, apparently, there are still parents who keep forgetting that their kids are in the backseat and leave them in the car on really hot days.

Can these parents even wipe their bum after their morning constitutional? How incompetent and downright stupid do you have to be?

I am not sure what the solution is: as a conservative, I don't think stripping parents of their parental rights is the right direction to go. After all, can you imagine how much the City of Baltimore would screw that kid up in their foster care system? And I don't support forced sterilization at all, under any circumstances, no matter how tempting it is to remove the offender's DNA from the gene pool is.

But in cases where the child dies or is severely injured, I think we need to create some really stiff penalties for "infanticide". Personally, I think infanticide and child abuse (of any nature) should be a shade below a capital crime. Let Billy Bob Dumbass play prag to Big Bubba at The Cut (that is the Maryland Maximum Security Correctional Facility in Jessup for you folks in El Dorado) for a few years, and I'll bet he NEVER forgets where his kid is again.

Colorado Conservatives Celebrate Freedom

Colorado Conservatives gathered this weekend at their annual Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms gathering to protest "nanny state" laws and "mommy state" gubmint.

The best quote: "If we treated homosexuals the way we treat smokers, people would riot in the streets." Amen, brother. And I say that as an avid cigar smoker.

Read more.

President Fellatio Had His Eye on Something Else, and it wasn't the Ball

President Fellatio (that is William Jefferson Blythe Clinton, for those of you from down Dundalk way) Had His Eye on Something Else, and it wasn't the Ball .

So says former FBI Director Louis J. Freeh...

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Say Goodnight, Dougie

The Calvert Street Communist Party Parrot is reporting that Dougie Duncan will withdraw from the Democrat Gubernatorial primary today at 2pm.

What will Barrie "I Am Not a Man" Tilghman, Lord High Czarina of Salisbarrie, do now? Who will she endorse? Will she look to get a little Irish with Marty O'Malley?

I Say I Want a Revolution...

Im a lineal descendant of Col. William Wallace, who commanded a regiment in The Maryland Line under Washington during the Revolutionary War. Following that war, Wallace returned to his home in Maryland-- which is now most of Montgomery County and Washington, DC-- and decided to head west to the new country's frontier in Western Pennsylvania. He deeded the land to Maryland for use as a gift for the nation's new capital in honor of his hero, George Washington. When he arrived in Western PA, he founded what is now known as Washington County, PA.

After a few years, the federal government decided to pass an excise tax on corn whiskey. Being a Scot, this was inflammatory for the Colonel. He became one of the ringleaders in what is known today as "The Whiskey Rebellion".

My family history, therefore, is long and storied in standing against the oppressive hand of tyranny.

Should the Maryland General Assembly vote to override the sure-veto of Gov Ehrlich against their abominable "rate plan" vis-a-vis electric deregulation, I believe it will be time for a third American revolution. We should abolish Maryland government, write a new state constitution, and forever place a stranglehold on our elected representatives to insure that they respond to our whip and our command. Insure that we, and not corporatists, are their master. Insure that we, and not fat legislators abusing power, are the masters of our own commerce.

Never again should an elected legislature in this state be allowed to commit its citizens' personal finances to credit obligations. Never again should an elected legislature be allowed to underwrite a corporate merger out of the pockets of its citizens.

If this heinous act of tyranny and villainy is allowed to stand, what will be next? What wretched commands will lunge forth from Soddom on the Severn, as the doyennes of West Street and State Circle lord down on us like gaudy aristocrats from Queen Elizabeth's court?

If this be republicanism, than surely our republic is watching the setting sun.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Bill O'Reilly: The Irish Horse's Ass

Bill O'Reilly really is the Irish Horse's Ass. I don't think there is anyone on TV-- MSM or Fox or any other channel -- that is quite so smug, self-righteous, arrogant, and generally rude.

His article this week (featured here on Human Events) is a double-backflip somersault in doublespeak.

First, he criticizes Ann Coulter for her use of outrageous comments to gain traction for her ideas. He obviously doesn't know, or hasn't read, that Ann is a satirist. A true-blue conservative, but a satirist nonetheless.

Second, he tries to compare her use of outrageous comments to Howard Dean and Michael Moore. The problem is... they spout nothing but lies, while Ann spouts opinion and more frequently, fact backed by evidence.

Third, he tries to say that the American people are not ideological. I don't buy that. American people are not ideological about things that don't affect their pocketbooks. Americans -- like 98% of all human beings -- are not big on first principles. People -- left or right -- who plant the flag on principle are ideologues. A lot of this has to do with the MTV generation disease. A lot more has to do with a public school system that for forty years has succeeded in removing any notion of "absolutes" in civil life, unless the absolutes are absolutely liberal.

Fourth, and this is the most outrageous, he tries to compare President Bush's meeting with families of Iraq dead and wounded with the "Jersey Girls" taking advantage of their husband's deaths, or of Cindy Sheehan. Hello, Mr. O'Reilly, Jorge Bush is the COMMANDER IN CHIEF-- it is his RESPONSIBILITY to meet with those families.

Perhaps you don't get that amidst all your popinjay bloviating.

Exxon Goes Three For Three in Destroying Groundwater

Do you remember the Exxon Valdez incident in Prince William Sound twenty years ago? My uncle was infuriated by that bit of corporate idiocy. He is proud to say that he has not purchased gas from Exxon since (as far as he knows-- you see, just because a station says "Sunoco" doesn't mean it isn't Exxon gas in the tank). I used to think his rantings against Exxon were the ravings of an eccentric (it takes one to know one).

But, in just under 4 years, the Gunpowder Valley has seen three major incidents of groundwater contamination by Exxon gas stations:

1. The Exxon station at "Upper Crossroads" (Md 165 and Md 152) in Jarrettsville. Gas station gone. MTBE and carbon filters, still there.

2. The Exxon station in Jacksonville, MD (ironically, just down the road). They lost over 30k gallons of gas (whoops) through a leak, and didn't report the leak for a month. Cleanup could take 15 years just to get the fuel out of the soil. Jacksonville, you will remember, was also victimized 30 years ago by the discovery of contamination of their groundwater by the old Nike missile base in Phoenix.

3. The Parkton Exxon on York Road has been under investigation for some time, according to recent reports in the "North County News". Owned and operated by the Meadowcroft family (they also run stations in Hereford and Maryland Line), they blame people who spill gas and pour out gas cans in their shrubbery. But the volume-- 50 times the standard required to generate a report to neighbors -- is a little too much for that.

So what is going on here? Why are so many Exxon stations having so many problems? I don't know, but I know what to do about it.

First, Exxon should be required to test groundwater samples and wells within a 1 mile radius of their stations where wells are the primary water supply for ALL STATIONS IN THE STATE OF MARYLAND.

Second, Exxon should be required to post a $1 billion bond for cleanup -- renewed annually-- if they want to store, sell, or transport fuel in the state of Maryland.

Third, Exxon should be required to post a $1 billion bond for purchase of homes and businesses whose wells are impacted by fuel leaks.

When a five year period has passed with no reported fuel leaks and no reported contamination, Exxon would not be required to post these bonds anymore.

We hear a lot about how the local station owner/operators make little to nothing on the purchase of gasoline. Fine. That says to me that the station owner/operators have a keen interest on knowing a) how much gas comes in and b) how much gas goes out. You cannot tell me that a family like the Meadowcrofts -- who could pinch a penny out of a stone -- don't have a pretty damn clear idea of how they are losing money on a product they allegedly make so little on.

When Exxon and their owner/operators have shown their ability to effectively management a HAZARDOUS MATERIAL, then they can once again be trusted to operate in an less-regulated environment. Until then, they should be held accountable to the highest standards and regulated like a colon on a high-fiber diet.

Governor Bobby Loves Speech Codes

So it turns out that Governor Bobby loves speech codes. God forbid anyone he has appointed to any office says anything deemed "offensive" to anyone. First, Bill Duvall was yanked from an Eastern Shore judicial nominating commission for calling illegal Mexican immigrants "wetbacks" on his personal blog.

Now, Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority Board Member Robert Smith has been given the heave-ho for calling homosexuality "deviant" on a public access cable network show called "21 This Week" that airs in Montgomery County.

I hate to tell you Governor, but a lot of the people that voted for you in 2002 and have supported you against the liberal bastards and whores in the General Assembly consider homosexuality to be deviant.

According to, deviant means "Differing from a norm or from the accepted standards of a society." If you accept the statistics provided by even the most ardent pro-gay activists -- that 1 in 6 Americans are gay or bisexual (that is 17%), that means that 5 in 6 aren't. That definitely seems to "differ from a norm or the accepted standards of a society". Given that if you asked every American alive today "Do you hope for your child to grow up to be a gay or lesbian?", I bet less than 1 in 6 would say yes, one can hardly say that a homosexual lifestyle is an accepted standard.

The governor defends his decision with a purely bullshit and hogwash comment: "Robert Smith's comments were highly inappropriate, insensitive and unacceptable. hey are in direct conflict to my administration's commitment to inclusiveness, tolerance and opportunity."

Tolerance it seems, is only allowed for the deviant. Not for ideas, not for personal beliefs, and not for thoughts. Free Speech in the People's Republic of Maryland has been narrowed down to "free speech that is publicly acceptable to the Governor".

Recognizing someone's behavior as deviant does not mean you wish to take away their basic civil rights. I find adulterers to be deviant. But I don't think you can limit their civil rights based on their stupidity. I find single parenthood by choice to be deviant. If think women who choose to kill their unborn children and the men who support that decision are deviant (that means you Guv!).

But I don't argue that deviancy should be criminalized. After all, the jails aren't big enough to hold the entire General Assembly, the population of Baltimore City, and the Salisbury City council and administration.

Of course, the Governor has the power to fire anyone he wants. But if he wants to play this game on contentious social issues where the jury is still very much out-- he might want to remember who got him elected in 2002.

Because you don't have my vote this year. I'd rather see a flaming liberal asshole like Marty "Ooh Sade" O'Malley get elected and know what I am getting, than get a speech code freak masquerading as a Republican.

I hope your house in Timonium is ready to receive you in December, Governor. I hear the schools in Timonium will be great for Drew.

Baltimore City Schools Keep Drug-Dealing Teacher on Payroll

The Baltimore City School System, that fine paragon of failure, misery, and horrid stupidity, continues to outshine the most incompetent government and private sector bureacracies. Their failures are so large, so dominant, and so devastating, they are the public-sector version of the Enron scandal. Except time and time again, race-baiting worthless venile politicians like Sheila "Do it for my sister" Pratt Dixon and Marty "Ooh Sade" O'Malley do nothing but defend this hopeless institution of vice and corruption.

Now comes word from the school system's and teachers union's greatest defender-- The Calvert Street Communist Party Newsletter (aka "The Baltimore Sun" to those of you from Bivalve)-- that a teacher caught with 5 POUNDS OF POWDER COCAINE was allowed to teach for almost one year after pleading guilty. ONE YEAR!

The man was part of distribution network receiving, processing, and selling cocaine on the streets of Baltimore. He was little more than an Avon Barksdale, except in "The Wire", Avon is a former boxing standout, and this coke peddler was a former wrestling standout at Dunbar.

The man had no teaching certificate, either. Again, more uncertified, undocumented teachers in a system full of them.

But don't worry, according to the article, he is a "great father". WORD TO THE INNER CITY JACKASSES: GREAT FATHERS DON'T DEAL DRUGS.

This is the kind of accountability you can expect if Martin "Ooh Sade" O'Malley gets elected Governor. We all must pray that *NEVER* happens. Not, frankly, that Bobby Ehrlich and his gestapo approach to private speech rights is much better. But O'Malley is a whore, and he allows himself to be surrounded with whores and dope peddlers and schemers who do nothing but tear down a once fine city, like a modern day version of a Steve Rubell.

Friday, June 16, 2006

David Limbaugh Defends Lovely Ann Coulter

David Limbaugh defends Ann Coulter and her new book "Godless: The Church of Liberalism" over at Human Events.

One great point he makes:

She contends that liberals have employed certain "human shields" to advance their unpopular arguments, especially those pertaining to the war on terror. These people have either earned respect, like military heroes, or become sympathetic figures through personal tragedy, like Cindy Sheehan and the widows of 9/11 victims.

As a result of their status, these individuals are entitled to say anything they want, not just as a matter of free speech, which no one would dispute, but with full immunity from criticism. Their actions and statements cannot be challenged, no matter how ludicrous, no matter how destructive.

Check it out here.

Are you ready to get Beijinged?

Several years ago, the big worry in the IT industry (of which I am a dutiful worker bee) was getting "Bangalored"-- your job getting outsourced to the world's largest Democracy.

Now, the pour, pitiful worker bees are worried about being "Beijinged"-- having their jobs outsourced to the world's largest Communist Paradise.

Check it out on IT Toolbox.

Yellow-bellied Murtha Follows Osama Talking Points

In the same week when US forces uncovered documents that tell how Abu Musab "Worm Fodder" Zarqawi himself saw the Iraqi terrorists as losing the fight against Iraqi and US forces, we now have the yellow-bellied former Marine Jack "Ass" Murtha (D-PA) hailing Ronald Reagan's retreat from Beirut and Billy Bob Clinton's retreat from Somalia as a model for how the US should react in Iraq:

The thing that disturbed me and worries me about this whole thing is we can't get them to change direction. And I said over and over in debate, if you listen to any of it, in Beirut President Reagan changed direction, in Somalia President Clinton changed direction, and yet here, with the troops out there every day, suffering from these explosive devices, and being looked at as occupiers — 80 percent of the people want us out of there — and yet they continue to say, "We're fighting this thing." We're not fighting this. The troops are fighting this thing. That's who's doing the fighting.
That was Jack "Ass" Murtha on the Situation Room with Wolf "Blitzed" Blitzer of CNN. Here's what Osama has said about "changing direction" in Somalia:

"After leaving Afghanistan, the Muslim fighters headed for Somalia and prepared for a long battle, thinking that the Americans were like the Russians," bin Laden said. "The youth were surprised at the low morale of the American soldiers and realized more than before that the American soldier was a paper tiger and after a few blows ran in defeat. And America forgot all the hoopla and media propaganda ... about being the world leader and the leader of the New World Order, and after a few blows they forgot about this title and left, dragging their corpses and their shameful defeat."
Hat tip to Stephen Sprueill at The Media Blog for the comparison.

Recently, as I was pondering my options here in the People's Republic of Maryland, I was thinking about moving to Pennsyltucky. But as long as congressional district in that state continues to send that worthless sack of cowardly bull manure back to Congress, I'll stick with the known quantities of sacked up bull manure here in Maryland.

Hell, with Congressment like Jack "Ass" Murtha, who needs the French?

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Do You Remember... When We Met?

Do you remember when we first met Joe Wilson, the ambassador-at-large whose filing on Niger was smacked down by both a bipartisan Senate committee investigation and a similar inquiry by the British government? (Oh yeah, and don't forget-- his wife is Valerie Plame -- who worked at the CIA, in case you haven't heard).

Let's all jump in our way back machine (a 1977 AMC Gremlin) and go back to August 2, 1990. I was working as the Nature Director at Henson Scout Reservation in Sharptown. We are all getting ready to settle down to breakfast during the final "staff" week (when we take down the camp). Someone popped on the boob tube and wham! there it was, the 82nd Airborne loading its alert brigade onto C-130s at Pope Air Base, NC.

You see, Joe Wilson was the charge d' affaires at the embassy in Baghdad during the invasion, and Desert Shield. Yes, the paragon of American diplomancy WAS AT THE HELM AT THE US EMBASSY WHEN RAT BASTARD SADDAM HUSSEIN fooled us all and snuck right into the Emirate of Kuwait, catching Jorge the Elder with pants around his ankles.

So, if Joe Wilson wants to make this big deal about the Iraq War is illegal, let's not forget that he failed in his primary mission way back when in a time when he could have stopped the last 16 years of nonsense with that glorified thug. Let's not forget that had he done a better job OF HAVING CLUE (here's a quarter joe, go buy one!) about what was going on around him, the US government might have intervened at an earlier stage to make it clear to Saddam "Rathole" Hussein that we would lay waste to his beloved Republican Guard division.

Let's not forget that the whole Niger brouhaha wasn't his first collosal charlie-fox.

The Apocalypse Has Arrived... Starbucks at the Maryland Inn...

Panel clears way for Starbucks at historic hotel-- from the Calvert Street Communist Rag.

Good news on Coffee and Booze...

From the folks over at slashdot...

"Good news for those who like both coffee and alcohol. In a recent study of more than 125,000 people an Oakland, CA medical team found that consuming coffee seems to help protect against alcoholic cirrhosis. The study was done based on people enrolled in a private northern California health care plan between 1978 and 1985."

Salisbarrie Government -- The Maytag Washing Machine

I've been posting over at Duvafiles and Justice for All? about the latest Salisbarrie budget and how the city council (minus Ms. Campbell) and the mayor are basically raping the citizens of Salisbarrie like a Russian entering Berlin.

You see, over the last three or four years, Mayor Barrie Tilghman and her crowd of cronies-- Bubba Comegys, Mikey Dunn, and Lynn Cathcart (the "Scheme Team") have basically bled the city dry and took the once-Jewel of Delmarva and turned into one depressing cesspool (quite literally, given the conditions at Tilghman Estates!).

Now, they are going to bleed the city surplus dry in order to keep raising there own salaries while the Salisbury City Police (led by the incompetent Allen "Barbrady" Webster from his prized stool at Seacrets.) face crime at lower and lower salaries and with fewer staff. No raising taxes, or cutting developers off from the teat, or adequately collecting permit fees on time. No, the city council voted to draw down the surplus and endanger the city's bond rating rather than be responsible.

Why? you ask... when things like public safety are so crucial to a city like Salisbarrie, which sits astride a major drug highway (US 13)?

Because under Mayor Barrie Tilghman and the Scheme Team Salisbarrie City Government is one big Maytag Washing Machine for dirty political money.

It works like this: certain developers and real estate agents and bankers give gobs of money to local candidates in supposedly non-partisan local elections. The city council members and the mayor then launder that money by using TIFs, developer tax breaks, eminent domain, development credits, and illegal pipestem annexations to "pay back" the developers by lowering the cost of chewing up more land. In the mind of the "Scheme Team", this has the "added benefit" (to whom, one wonders) of allegedly increasing the real estate tax base. Yet, as anyone who knows how tax revenues work, those tax revenues will not be seen for YEARS while the costs of increased services are seen immediately.

Dirty money in, clean money out. And the few true citizen taxpayers left pay a higher burden in out of control development, decreases quality of life, higher financing rates for bonds, and the eventual LARGE tax increases to make up for years of gamesmanship by Mayor Barrie and her "Scheme Team".

A Gift to Governor Bobby from HBO

HBO has just announced that they will be showing an encore of Season Three of The Wire every Sunday night at 8pm in anticipation of Season Four's premiere.

Governor Bobby should send a Thank You to Time-Warner.

The Wire is an excellent, highly-accurate picture of how rotten, incompetent, and hopeless city government is in Baltimore. They even feature a young, up and coming white city councilman who likes to whore around. Yes, he's Italian in The Wire, but the character is a dead ringer for -- you guessed it -- Marty the Mick O'Malley.

Season 3 will be a great reminder of the bang up job that The Mick has done in Baltimore lo these many years, and what "great" things he can do for Maryland.


Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Who writes headlines at the New York Times? Monkeys or Morons?

Who writes headlines at the New York Times? Monkeys or Morons?

Headline: "Bush deficit reduction plan falls off-schedule."

The story: President Jorge Bush may be able to make good on his promise to cut the deficit in half by the end of 2006-- three years early! Why? Surging tax receipts powered by a booming economy driven by the 2003 tax cuts.

Hat tip to our good buddy Glenn Reynolds over at Instapundit.