Saturday, June 17, 2006

Baltimore City Schools Keep Drug-Dealing Teacher on Payroll

The Baltimore City School System, that fine paragon of failure, misery, and horrid stupidity, continues to outshine the most incompetent government and private sector bureacracies. Their failures are so large, so dominant, and so devastating, they are the public-sector version of the Enron scandal. Except time and time again, race-baiting worthless venile politicians like Sheila "Do it for my sister" Pratt Dixon and Marty "Ooh Sade" O'Malley do nothing but defend this hopeless institution of vice and corruption.

Now comes word from the school system's and teachers union's greatest defender-- The Calvert Street Communist Party Newsletter (aka "The Baltimore Sun" to those of you from Bivalve)-- that a teacher caught with 5 POUNDS OF POWDER COCAINE was allowed to teach for almost one year after pleading guilty. ONE YEAR!

The man was part of distribution network receiving, processing, and selling cocaine on the streets of Baltimore. He was little more than an Avon Barksdale, except in "The Wire", Avon is a former boxing standout, and this coke peddler was a former wrestling standout at Dunbar.

The man had no teaching certificate, either. Again, more uncertified, undocumented teachers in a system full of them.

But don't worry, according to the article, he is a "great father". WORD TO THE INNER CITY JACKASSES: GREAT FATHERS DON'T DEAL DRUGS.

This is the kind of accountability you can expect if Martin "Ooh Sade" O'Malley gets elected Governor. We all must pray that *NEVER* happens. Not, frankly, that Bobby Ehrlich and his gestapo approach to private speech rights is much better. But O'Malley is a whore, and he allows himself to be surrounded with whores and dope peddlers and schemers who do nothing but tear down a once fine city, like a modern day version of a Steve Rubell.


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