Saturday, June 17, 2006

Bill O'Reilly: The Irish Horse's Ass

Bill O'Reilly really is the Irish Horse's Ass. I don't think there is anyone on TV-- MSM or Fox or any other channel -- that is quite so smug, self-righteous, arrogant, and generally rude.

His article this week (featured here on Human Events) is a double-backflip somersault in doublespeak.

First, he criticizes Ann Coulter for her use of outrageous comments to gain traction for her ideas. He obviously doesn't know, or hasn't read, that Ann is a satirist. A true-blue conservative, but a satirist nonetheless.

Second, he tries to compare her use of outrageous comments to Howard Dean and Michael Moore. The problem is... they spout nothing but lies, while Ann spouts opinion and more frequently, fact backed by evidence.

Third, he tries to say that the American people are not ideological. I don't buy that. American people are not ideological about things that don't affect their pocketbooks. Americans -- like 98% of all human beings -- are not big on first principles. People -- left or right -- who plant the flag on principle are ideologues. A lot of this has to do with the MTV generation disease. A lot more has to do with a public school system that for forty years has succeeded in removing any notion of "absolutes" in civil life, unless the absolutes are absolutely liberal.

Fourth, and this is the most outrageous, he tries to compare President Bush's meeting with families of Iraq dead and wounded with the "Jersey Girls" taking advantage of their husband's deaths, or of Cindy Sheehan. Hello, Mr. O'Reilly, Jorge Bush is the COMMANDER IN CHIEF-- it is his RESPONSIBILITY to meet with those families.

Perhaps you don't get that amidst all your popinjay bloviating.


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