Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Do You Remember... When We Met?

Do you remember when we first met Joe Wilson, the ambassador-at-large whose filing on Niger was smacked down by both a bipartisan Senate committee investigation and a similar inquiry by the British government? (Oh yeah, and don't forget-- his wife is Valerie Plame -- who worked at the CIA, in case you haven't heard).

Let's all jump in our way back machine (a 1977 AMC Gremlin) and go back to August 2, 1990. I was working as the Nature Director at Henson Scout Reservation in Sharptown. We are all getting ready to settle down to breakfast during the final "staff" week (when we take down the camp). Someone popped on the boob tube and wham! there it was, the 82nd Airborne loading its alert brigade onto C-130s at Pope Air Base, NC.

You see, Joe Wilson was the charge d' affaires at the embassy in Baghdad during the invasion, and Desert Shield. Yes, the paragon of American diplomancy WAS AT THE HELM AT THE US EMBASSY WHEN RAT BASTARD SADDAM HUSSEIN fooled us all and snuck right into the Emirate of Kuwait, catching Jorge the Elder with pants around his ankles.

So, if Joe Wilson wants to make this big deal about the Iraq War is illegal, let's not forget that he failed in his primary mission way back when in a time when he could have stopped the last 16 years of nonsense with that glorified thug. Let's not forget that had he done a better job OF HAVING CLUE (here's a quarter joe, go buy one!) about what was going on around him, the US government might have intervened at an earlier stage to make it clear to Saddam "Rathole" Hussein that we would lay waste to his beloved Republican Guard division.

Let's not forget that the whole Niger brouhaha wasn't his first collosal charlie-fox.


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