Thursday, June 22, 2006

I Say I Want a Revolution...

Im a lineal descendant of Col. William Wallace, who commanded a regiment in The Maryland Line under Washington during the Revolutionary War. Following that war, Wallace returned to his home in Maryland-- which is now most of Montgomery County and Washington, DC-- and decided to head west to the new country's frontier in Western Pennsylvania. He deeded the land to Maryland for use as a gift for the nation's new capital in honor of his hero, George Washington. When he arrived in Western PA, he founded what is now known as Washington County, PA.

After a few years, the federal government decided to pass an excise tax on corn whiskey. Being a Scot, this was inflammatory for the Colonel. He became one of the ringleaders in what is known today as "The Whiskey Rebellion".

My family history, therefore, is long and storied in standing against the oppressive hand of tyranny.

Should the Maryland General Assembly vote to override the sure-veto of Gov Ehrlich against their abominable "rate plan" vis-a-vis electric deregulation, I believe it will be time for a third American revolution. We should abolish Maryland government, write a new state constitution, and forever place a stranglehold on our elected representatives to insure that they respond to our whip and our command. Insure that we, and not corporatists, are their master. Insure that we, and not fat legislators abusing power, are the masters of our own commerce.

Never again should an elected legislature in this state be allowed to commit its citizens' personal finances to credit obligations. Never again should an elected legislature be allowed to underwrite a corporate merger out of the pockets of its citizens.

If this heinous act of tyranny and villainy is allowed to stand, what will be next? What wretched commands will lunge forth from Soddom on the Severn, as the doyennes of West Street and State Circle lord down on us like gaudy aristocrats from Queen Elizabeth's court?

If this be republicanism, than surely our republic is watching the setting sun.


At 9:16 AM, Blogger PB said...

Right you are...unfortunately the "vote early and vote often" crowd will assure continuity to the flaming liveral (intentional mispelling) Democrats in control of our legislature, which will ensure that Constellation Eneregy/Pepco and their "baby utilities" will continue to gouge Marylanders. Under the guise of responsible energy consumption, they'll formulate the plan, and the MD. legislature will make it so. The rebellion you speak of should be a voter uprising against the contemptable political bosses in Annapolis....Miller, Busch, & Conway. They've sold the whole State of Maryland, and they never had title.....instead of talking about it, I'll be the first one to sign on with a reinvigorated "RELECT NOBODY" campaign, beginning at the local level and taking it all the way up to Annapolis and then onto DC...."throw all the bums out"...including the ones that try to fly below the Eckard....and then Gilchrest...put somebody in there who WILL do the will of the people....


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