Sunday, June 25, 2006

Nimrods Leave Kids in Hot Cars

From the Washington Times' site, apparently, there are still parents who keep forgetting that their kids are in the backseat and leave them in the car on really hot days.

Can these parents even wipe their bum after their morning constitutional? How incompetent and downright stupid do you have to be?

I am not sure what the solution is: as a conservative, I don't think stripping parents of their parental rights is the right direction to go. After all, can you imagine how much the City of Baltimore would screw that kid up in their foster care system? And I don't support forced sterilization at all, under any circumstances, no matter how tempting it is to remove the offender's DNA from the gene pool is.

But in cases where the child dies or is severely injured, I think we need to create some really stiff penalties for "infanticide". Personally, I think infanticide and child abuse (of any nature) should be a shade below a capital crime. Let Billy Bob Dumbass play prag to Big Bubba at The Cut (that is the Maryland Maximum Security Correctional Facility in Jessup for you folks in El Dorado) for a few years, and I'll bet he NEVER forgets where his kid is again.


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