Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Salisbarrie Government -- The Maytag Washing Machine

I've been posting over at Duvafiles and Justice for All? about the latest Salisbarrie budget and how the city council (minus Ms. Campbell) and the mayor are basically raping the citizens of Salisbarrie like a Russian entering Berlin.

You see, over the last three or four years, Mayor Barrie Tilghman and her crowd of cronies-- Bubba Comegys, Mikey Dunn, and Lynn Cathcart (the "Scheme Team") have basically bled the city dry and took the once-Jewel of Delmarva and turned into one depressing cesspool (quite literally, given the conditions at Tilghman Estates!).

Now, they are going to bleed the city surplus dry in order to keep raising there own salaries while the Salisbury City Police (led by the incompetent Allen "Barbrady" Webster from his prized stool at Seacrets.) face crime at lower and lower salaries and with fewer staff. No raising taxes, or cutting developers off from the teat, or adequately collecting permit fees on time. No, the city council voted to draw down the surplus and endanger the city's bond rating rather than be responsible.

Why? you ask... when things like public safety are so crucial to a city like Salisbarrie, which sits astride a major drug highway (US 13)?

Because under Mayor Barrie Tilghman and the Scheme Team Salisbarrie City Government is one big Maytag Washing Machine for dirty political money.

It works like this: certain developers and real estate agents and bankers give gobs of money to local candidates in supposedly non-partisan local elections. The city council members and the mayor then launder that money by using TIFs, developer tax breaks, eminent domain, development credits, and illegal pipestem annexations to "pay back" the developers by lowering the cost of chewing up more land. In the mind of the "Scheme Team", this has the "added benefit" (to whom, one wonders) of allegedly increasing the real estate tax base. Yet, as anyone who knows how tax revenues work, those tax revenues will not be seen for YEARS while the costs of increased services are seen immediately.

Dirty money in, clean money out. And the few true citizen taxpayers left pay a higher burden in out of control development, decreases quality of life, higher financing rates for bonds, and the eventual LARGE tax increases to make up for years of gamesmanship by Mayor Barrie and her "Scheme Team".


At 12:51 PM, Blogger PB said...

getting in a little late on this conversation. You appear to have an inside track on this dirty money. Where or whose maybe is a better question, pocket did this flow into and did they benefit directly from it??? Or was it just campaign contributions....and how much are we looking at here ???? Inquiring minds want to least this one does.


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