Thursday, July 06, 2006

Dealing With the NoKoComs

I have said this before, and I will say it again... the path to successfully resolving the issues with the NoKoComs goes through Beijing. The NoKoComs are almost 100% reliant on the ChiComs for their existence. The only two things that keep Beijing from stepping in themselves are a) what to do with all the refugees and b) that whole Asian face thing.

So, I think we need to put the ChiCom gonads in the vise and start squeezing. Here's how:

1) Announce that that United States will support any decision by the Japanese people to develop and effective nuclear deterrent against aggressive roque states in the Northwest Pacific. The last thing China wants is a nuclear Japan-- this would send shivers down their spine.

2) Thirty days later, announce that the United States is withdrawing all US forces from the Republic of Korea and redeploying them to Guam, Hawaii, and the Marianas. This will force the South Korean president to stop playing footsie with Kim Il Dong and tighten the noose around the boy dictator.

3) Thirty days after #2, announce that the United States regards the creation of counterfeit currency by a foreign power to be an act of war, and as such, considers North Korean diplomats at the UN to be belligerents. They will therefore be seized and held as non-combatant belligerents under the Geneva Convention until such time as the North Korean regime is changed or moved -- our *NEW* conditions for a permanent peace accord for the Korean Peninsula.

4) Thirty days after #3 (we are now on day 90), we announce that until the missile and nuclear issues are resolved in North Korea-- ie, there is severe regime change -- the United States will no longer pussyfoot around with China. All imports of videogames, video game accessories, clothing, and power tools that are manufactured in China or Hong Kong will be suspended. All parts that are manufacturd in China or Hong Kong for assembly elsewhere will be suspended. *All* shipping containers originating from China and Hong Kong or carrying products originating in China and Hong Kon will require "complete inspection"-- opening them, checking each box against the manifest, and repacking.

5) Thirty days after #4 (now day 120), we begin regular overflights of NoKoCom airpsace. Should any NoKoCom interceptors rise to meet our planes, we impose an immediate quarantine on the NoKoCom shoreline.


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