Thursday, July 13, 2006

Killing Children Stat #1

As you may know, I am currently reading Ramesh Ponnuru's Party of Death.

On startling statistic that Ponnuru cites: 80 percent of all unborn children "diagnosed" with Downe's syndrome are murdered in utero. 80%!

I say "diagnosed" because Ponnuru also cites the fact that the test is not foolproof... false positives are part of the experience, too.

I have had the opportunity to work with kids before (mostly at Scout camp) who were challenged with Downe's syndrome. What a great experience that was, and I will treasure it always. These Scouts lived everyday in terms of the Scout Oath and Law-- always doing their best (frankly, it was often better than kids no so challenged), always kind, cheerful etc.

I have no doubt that raising a child with Downes can be difficult, painful, and expensive. But I also know that it can be joyful, wonderful, humbling, and inspiring. That so many parents would choose to kill their children in utero is a horrifying fact for me. Simply horrifying.

Children are a gift, not a product. They are not like your high-def TV, that when it shows up with a scratch, you can just send back. We can't look at children born with disabilities - whether it is Downes, or spina-bifid, or a cleft pallet, or anything else -- and judge them entirely by that alone. To do so is to totally remove their very humanity.

Which of course, is the only way the radical left can make procedures like abortion acceptable. "They aren't humans, just cells."


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